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Germany can be a fun place to visit in the winter

Stories and advice from Travelers to Germany

Traveling to Gemany during the Winter

It was raining, and cold.  “Am I crazy for doing this?” I wondered to myself as I loaded the car’s trunk with our luggage.  With in a few hours my wife and I would be boarding an airplane for Munich.  I had checked Munich’s weather report, it looked a lot like what I was receiving now at my Michigan home, temperature around freezing (32F) with a little rain and snow. 

Octoberfest in Munich

Lucy Cornel expected Oktoberfest to be a lot like New Year's Eve. People talk it up all year, plans are made months in advance, prices rise and crowds descend only to end in the most disappointing party you can remember. Prices in Munich do skyrocket during Oktoberfest and there's no lack of croweds, But disappointment? Not a bit. - Oktoberfest.

Travel Through Germany

Meeta takes you on a road trip through the German country side. Not only does she share here heartfelt memories but she also imparts a few travel lessons any traveler to German might want to make note of.

Traveling by Train in Germany

My experience buying a train ticket and using the train system in Germany.

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