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Germany can be a fun place to visit in the winter

Who is Jerrold & Allison?

LOREM IPSUM DOLOR is owned by Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC, Michigan, USA.

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President - Jerrold VanNocker

Vice President - Allison VanNocker

While I appriciate comments and feedback, I can not offer travel advice at this time.

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We are a couple that enjoy learning about and visiting new places. Neither of us are travel agents and the only travel related work we have done is our work on Jerrold's Travel Guides, LLC. We do not consider ourselves experts on travel but we do enjoy sharing our experiences. Our last visit to Europe was to Italy in 2010.

The travel websites started in 1999 after Jerrold's return from Spain.  The Spain website was meant to teach Jerrold about website design while giving him a chance to share some of his photos and travel experiences. Several travel websites followed. Our goal for the websites have evolved over time. Today, the websites are dated and in need of a lot of work. While I continue to enjoy the creative aspects of making websites, it is a huge job to transfer all my existing websites in to a modern format. I should take many of my Travel Guides offline. But, like an item from your childhood it is hard to let go, there are a lot of memories tied up in the travel guides.

Traveling In Germany is a test site for me today (Nov 2017). I am testing new website software. It is highly unlikely for my travel guides to ever achieve the visibility they once enjoyed on the internet.