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Germany can be a fun place to visit any time of the year!

Traveling to Germay during the Winter

By Jerrold VanNocker

It was raining, and cold.  “Am I crazy for doing this?” I wondered to myself as I loaded the car’s trunk with our luggage.  With in a few hours my wife and I would be boarding an airplane for Munich.  I had checked Munich’s weather report, it looked a lot like what I was receiving now at my Michigan home, temperature around freezing (32F) with a little rain and snow.  I had spent the past three days recovering from a cold; while my sniffles were nearly gone, pain still permeated my bones.  At this moment, I could only ask; why was I traveling to Germany during December?

Our winter trip to Europe was kind of an after thought. We had hoped to do a summer Europe rail trip this year but then real life intervened. Events beyond our control booked our schedule right up through the first week of December. In October, just to see what was possible, I started checking flight cost for the only two weeks we had available for travel. By November I spotted a roundtrip ticket to Munich from Detroit for $622, booking the flight we started planning our German trip. Ok, my thinking went something like this, cheap flight, discounted (off season) hotels, Christmas celebration and dress really warm; what is not to like? Remember, I started to make these plans in early, warm, October.

24 hours later I am in downtown Munich. We have arrived in Munich early this morning. Jet lag dragged at my brain and my sniffles were now back in full force. 

As with all my Europe trips the first day is about settling in.

We spent the first few hours consuming lots of coffee, then walking, eating and then a little browsing in the shops. In no time it seemed like darkness was starting to descend on the city. Munich’s Christmas market was now in full swing; the evening crowds were forming and we were hungry again.

Germany's Christmas Markets are famous all over the world. From November until December 22th you will find a Christmas market open in most German cities, the markets of Munich, Cologne and Nuremberg are notable for their size and diversity of products. While you will find plenty of German Christmas ornaments and hand carved nativity scenes at these markets, there are also Christmas markets built around other themes like, antiques and the  Renaissance etc

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Colorful wooded stars shine at a German Christmas Market
Christmas food stall with ornate roof decration.

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A night vew of the Christmas Market with lighted rain dear and vendor booths