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Traveling by train in Germany and some hints for getting the most out of your travel.

5 ways to get the most out of your Munich Oktoberfest visit

Note - Ocktoberfest starts in late September and ends in early October

1. Plan way in advance

Unless you live in Munich, making a last minute decision to attend Oktoberfest is not really an option. Accommodation gets booked up months (sometimes more than a year) in advance and while there are always a few beds left, the later you leave it the more you’ll pay. If you can make your mind up at least six months in advance, you’ll end up with a superior spot to lay your head.

2. Book a seat in the tents

The official line states that you don’t need to book seats ahead of time and while this is true, what they don’t tell you is that you probably won’t find a seat unless you reserve in advance. If you’ve travelled a long way, you don’t need the added stress of worrying about finding somewhere to sit, so contact individual beer tents and grab some seats before you leave home.

3. Consider flying to alternative airports

Airlines seem to know the Oktoberfest dates before they’re even announced and flight prices to Munich skyrocket accordingly. But there are other airports in the surrounding area that are only a two-hour train ride from the action. Consider starting your break in gorgeous Salzburg or Innsbruck then flying out of Memmingen or Friedrichshafen in southern Germany – it could save you a couple of hundred dollars.

4. Visit midweek

Naturally the tents fill up faster on weekends as locals chill out after work and revellers from across Europe arrive for a weekend party. If you can take the time off work, visiting midweek is definitely the best way to see Oktoberfest – accommodation is (comparatively) cheaper, the tents are (comparatively) emptier and the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

5. Allow enough time to explore the festival

Many people arrive just in time to have a few beers and leave Munich as soon as their hangover has cleared up, but to really get a feel for the festival you need to allow a few days. Make sure you dedicate some time to your inner child and visit the carnival rides and junk food stalls. Many people fail to actually explore Munich away from the Theresienwiese, so try to give yourself an extra day to wander the city.

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